Sonning Support is now the new name for Sonning Support Covid-19 as we plan to be around for a while to help within the community.

We have fulfilled over 150 requests for help.


Sonning Support, with your help, would like to donate much needed supplies to Woodley Food Bank.

They are running short of these items:

  • Long Life Milk
  • Orange juice/other fruit juices
  • Tinned potatoes/vegetables
  • Cooking oil
  • Rice pudding
  • Custard
  • Tinned fruit
  • Jars of curry sauce (not pasta sauce)
  • Other non- perishable food items are also welcome.

Due to the cold weather we are organizing a pick-up service for food donations from your home so please contact us using our phone number or email

Photo of Joanna Harvey
Joanna Harvey

Wow, where did 2020 go? It's surreal to look back at the last ten months, before we knew what Covid-19 was. Then before we knew it, found ourselves locked down for the first time, only leaving the house to shop for essentials or for exercise once a day. We got to know the affable chap Joe Wicks as he engendered a sense of purpose to get up and exercise together. Who knew that the R rate and social distancing would become part of our everyday vocabulary as much as masks would become an essential before we left the house.

This invisible enemy has impacted so many parts of our lives, our work, our businesses, our children’s education, our physical and mental wellbeing.

For some, it has meant losing a loved one, well and truly before their time and not being able to say a proper goodbye. For others, it has meant just seeing loved ones through a window, not being able to comfort and offer support for many months. It has been long and hard and it is still testing our resolve as we enter the second wave and the second lockdown with Christmas fast upon us.

There has also been another side, the positive embrace of community, which we found in the very heart of our beautiful village. I always knew it was there, but it became so apparent when Trefor and I arranged the first of the groups leaflet drop back in March. We had no idea what may happen and how it would be received.

From the leaflet drop we received call after call from our neighbours who wanted to help, to volunteer their time, their know-how, their financial help, to assist in whatever capacity was required by those in need in our community.

It was the start of what is an amazing journey. Getting to know people over What’s App and Zoom, bringing together a wonderful group of volunteers now known as Sonning Support.

The group has been a collaboration of energy, knowledge, empathy, support and warmth that has kept my faith in human kindness. It has meant that we are able to respond quickly and appropriately to requests.

We have had many requests to date, these tasks have been varied from the first request to buy some trout for a beloved cat, to collecting prescriptions and walking our four legged friends. We have been able to arrange food donations, assist with clothing, games and specific requests from local charities. We have been making calls, checking in on those who have found life a little more lonely than usual, listening to their concerns and trying to offer some reassurance and support.

Photo of Trefor Fisher
"Sir" Trefor Fisher

We have made friends and formed strong bonds of trust, from the brilliant university students whom were only too willing to step up with their technical knowledge, to those who have a breadth of experience and contacts that could point us in the direction. We even have our own Sonning Scrubs sewing group, wonderful ladies who have taken so much time and care to create much needed PPE to local care homes, hospices and a hospital.

This has been an incredible achievement and one which has allowed us have a glimpse of what the very brave carers and frontline NHS staff do 24/7. We are forever in the debt of those who stepped up and face this head on every day.

So ten months on, we are all still here, a little older, a littler wiser, a lot more organised than the beginning and are ready to carry on helping within the community.

We thank everyone for staying part of our Sonning Support bubble, you are all doing a wonderful job. It means so much to those whom are touched by the acts of generosity and the kindness which is just overwhelming.

A big thank you to all of the team and a special thank you to Trefor, our village guardian angel, he should probably be Sir Trefor of Sonning.

Sonning Support – here to help.


We have developed some documentation which explains the necessary procedures you'll need to follow to keep both yourself and the people you are helping safe.

Volunteer Docs »

Please contact us if you would like to become a part of our team.

Food & Clothing Donations

We were able to help with a number of different charity collections, both for food and for useful items that people needed during lockdown.

Charity collection
Supporting Local Charities

We supported four local charities: Wokingham Borough Community Hub, The Cowshed, Woodley Foodbank and Berkshire Women's Aid.

Making scrubs
Making 'Scrubs'

The Super Sonning Scrubs Sewing Team produced 85 sets which were supplied to local hospices, care homes and Reading University.

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